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Regina Duplicate Bridge Club
Joan Schneider Player of the Year
June 1, 2016 - May 31, 2017
Last Updated - August 3, 2016

This race is for all club members*.

 1. Nelson Sunshine	18.66
 2. Donald Norman	17.53
 3. Sandy Bingaman	16.86
 4. John Groves		15.16
 5. Jim Bingaman	14.35
 6. Ilsa Krukoff	14.11
 7. Audrey Bruch	13.83
 8. Robert Stringer	13.35
 9. Dow Cooney		12.96
10. Bob Nell		12.57
11. Art D'Entremont	11.40
12. Kevin Young		11.25
13. Glen Benedict	11.02
14. Dale Wilde		11.01
15. Gary Johannsson	10.85
16. Alice Huber		10.74
17. Bob Stewart		10.35
18. Helen Winter	10.28
19. Angela Duczek	10.16
20. Rosemary Makelki	 9.58

July Player of the Month**
Sandy Bingaman - 12.44

U100 Player of the year
June 1, 2016 - May 31, 2017

This race is for all members*** 
who started the year with less 
than 100 masterpoints.

 1. Robert Stringer	13.35
 2. Helen Winter	10.28
 3. Bob Nicholls	 5.27
 4. Joanne Petrychyn	 4.82
 5. Greg McNamara	 4.57
 6. Darien Cozart	 4.43
 7. Judy Runge		 4.13
 8. Maureen Perepelkin	 3.42
 9. Wayne Petrychyn	 3.13
10. Murray McMillan	 2.85

Regina Duplicate Bridge Club and Bridge Resource Capital

Known as the RDBC or simply "the Club"; Friendly home to many bridge players located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Come visit with us at 349 Albert Street.

Notes and Updates

August 25, 2016

Upcoming Lessons and Activities

The RDBC is hosting a Coffee Party on Saturday September 10 at 10:00am as a way to showcase our bridge club to the general public but as you can see here all club members are welcome to attend.

Additionally, regular lessons are beginning on Monday September 12 at 6:30pm. If you know anyone that may be interested in participating then please direct them to this flyer.

Bridge club members take to the airwaves.

Mo Perepelkin and Rick Grieman will be interviewed on the Morning Show CKTV at 8:20, this upcoming Monday morning, August 29.

Rick and Pat Harlton will appear on the News at Noon CKTV, Friday, September 9. They’re going to speak about the club in general, and specifically the coffee party/open house taking place on September 10 and the beginning of the season’s lessons that start on September 12.


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