Question:  Playing 2/1, would you care to express your thoughts on the appropriate bids for the following hand types?   Basically, minimum hands with strong-ish 4D and weak-ish 5C.



  1.   Kx-xx-AKJx-Qxxxx ?  Bid & rebid over 1S response.
  2.   Nil – Kxxx-AKQx-Jxxxx?  Bid & rebid over 1S response.
  3.   Kxx-x-AQJx-QJxxx? Bid & rebid over 1S or 1H response.

What is the present day consensus on how to handle these hands??

Ask Gary:

Thankfully, this doesn’t come up very often. However, when it does, it can cause some confusion. There does not seem to be much written on the subject. What I do is look at my hand and consider my rebids when partner makes the expected response, in these cases: 1 Spade. Since, in all three instances, I can’t open 1C and then rebid 2D.  This is a reverse showing extra HCP.  Also, if I open 1C, I would not respond 2C over the 1S response.  I could open 1C and rebid 1NT over 1S, but in hand 1, I have a doubleton heart and no heart stopper.  That is not ideal.  In hand 2, I am void in spades.  Again, I would not bid 1NT with a void.  So, I would open 1D, reserving the club suit for the rebid. This allows me the best option for “explaining” my hand.  The worst case scenario, partner opts for a diamond game or partial with 3-3 in the minors.  That can happen.  In hand 3, I would raise 1S to 2S, because I have ruffing values.  So, in all three instances, I would open the hand with 1D.

As a final thought, if my minor holding was something like QXXX of diamonds, or worse, and AKJXX of clubs, I would likely open 1C and treat the clubs as a six card suit and rebid 2C over the 1S response.

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