Here’s an opportunity to have Gary share his knowledge, expertise and thoughts on bridge with you. If you have any type of bridge question, see the instructions below in the “How to format your question”


Answered Questions



How to format your question

To make Gary’s life a little easier, please try and use the following example as a format in your email.

Question Title: How to respond with a long suit (but weak in points)
Vulnerable: N/S (or E/W or both)
Dealer: North (or East or South or West)
South: xx.xxxx.AK.QJT9x
West: xxxx.xx.QJ8.Axxx
Auction: 1C P ?
Question: Now write a longer description of your question and any background information that might be necessary.

Send the email to Gary Johannsson. ( or just click on his name).

Notes about the above format. Try to keep the question title to less than 20 words. This will show up nicely on this page after Gary has responded. If the holdings of the hands are important, remember that the order of the suits is implied as spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. In the above example, north is holding the AK of spades and the KQT3 of hearts and 7 other cards in the minors. If the hands are not important, you can ignore that part.

Sometimes you might have a question about a hand that was played during one of the normal club games. If that is the case, you can make a reference to the board number, the session (morning, afternoon, or evening) and the date and then you can ignore providing the hand holdings.