Art Dahl Open Pairs – Lance Connell and Glen Benedict (not in photo)
Arnie Lind Monday Evening Club Championship – Stan Marlin and Murray McMillan
Don Larmour Monday Aft. Championship. Jason Larrivee and Darien Cozart (not in photo)
Thursday Evening Club Championship – Angela Duczek and Maureen Perepelkin
Less Than 100 Player of the Year – Darien Cozart
Ladies’ Club Championship – June Lind and Pat Beharry
Joan Schneider Player of the Year – Wayne Nattrass
Tuesday Afternoon Club Championship – Audrey Bruch and Dale Wilde
Wed. Evening Club Championship- Ilsa Krukoff and Della Irvine
Swiss Teams Club Championship – Lance Connell, Dow Cooney, Sandra Southam, Wayne Nattrass
Sherry Brooks Board-a-Match – Kevin Young, Peter Worby, Darien Cozart and Jason Larrivee
Saturday Club Championship Team – Ilsa Krukoff, Barb Miller, Edie Laidlaw, Greg McNamara
Rookie of the Year – Diana Ermel
Pat Fyfe Friday Afternoon Club Championship – Jim and Sandy Bingaman
Mens’ Club Championship -Rick Gaucher and Claire Jones
Dick Anderson Trophy – Peter Worby
Guy Jenson Stratified Pairs Club Championship – A. Rick Gaucher (left) & Claire Jones (right), B. Rick Grieman and Glen Benedict (not in photo) C. Jim and Sandy Bingaman (middle)
Highest percentage open game – Peter Worby and Darien Cozart
Jason Larrivee – Individual Club Championship