The RDBC is here to help you improve your bridge game. Below you can see the various instructional opportunities that we are currently offering.


Workshops are offered on a day separate from the lesson day each week. Workshops reinforce the lesson of the week. (For your convenience, workshops are generally repeated each week on two different days.) Attendance at workshops is not restricted to just those taking lessons. Everyone is welcome. Both lessons and workshops are provided by an accredited bridge teacher at a very reasonable rate.

Contact Gaylene Spence at or 306-586-7044 to find out more about lessons and workshops.


Mini-lessons about 25 minutes in length and beginning at 6:30, are offered by volunteers preceding regular pairs games on Wednesday evenings. These mini-lessons will help newer players to expand on their understanding of the game. Some mini-lessons will help players who have a little more experience by giving them an introduction to some conventions that they might like to add to their game. Topics of mini-lessons are decided on a month-to-month basis and are advertised on our home page under “Notes and Updates”.

Mini-lessons are offered free of charge and everyone is welcome.

Note: You do not need to stay and play in the game that follows at 7:00, but if you do, there is a regular game fee. Also, be advised that this a mentoring game, master/non-master, where at least one person in each pair must have less than 200 mps.

Advanced Workshops

More advanced workshops will be offered from time to time.