Bridge has been described as an intense mental activity that combines the opportunity to socialize and unwind for people who appreciate using their mental wit to solve complex puzzles and mysteries.

The game is both fast-paced and mentally challenging. While each hand takes only 5 or 10 minutes to play, each hand presents a new mystery to be solved.

Don’t be intimidated if you have never played bridge before, our members are happy to introduce the game to you and our site is full of information to get you ready to play.

In a 1955 issue of Sports Illustrated, an article covering the subject of Bridge references Eisenhower’s love for the game which was his

“only effective form of relaxation…The most relaxing thing he could do was to play a game in which the problems were tough, the solutions difficult, but the consequences of error were just a few hundred harmless points written down on a scorepad.”

What is Duplicate Bridge?

Duplicate bridge is a variation of bridge which eliminates much of the luck from the game. Each hand is played at many different tables. Afterwards, the results at each table are compared, and your score depends upon how well you did relative to others who held exactly the same cards as you. The challenge in duplicate bridge is to find a better line of play than anyone else who held your cards.