3 level jump cue bid to show a strong one-suiter 3C major suit raise
3D response, rebids and adjustments after a 3C preemptive opening Astro
August 2D response Baby Blackwood
Bart Benjamin Two Bids
Bergen raises Bergen two under preempts
Bourke Relay Bromad (Bergen Raise of Major After Double)
Brozel Byzantine Blackwood
Canape openings Cappelletti-Hamilton
Cole Constructive bidding after three level preempt
Criss Cross Cue Bidding
Culbertson 4-5 NT DONT
Delayed Game Raise Dont (More)
Double Barrelled Stayman Drury (Reverse Drury, Two-Way Drury, and Romex Reverse Drury)
Dutch Texas Transfers Feature and Ogust
Flannery 2D and 2H Flint
Four-Suit Transfers Fourth suit forcing
Gambling 3NT – Defense against Gambling 3NT
Gardener NT Overcall Gazilli
Gerber Gladiator
Good-Bad 2NT Grand Slam Force
Hello High Level Reverses
Honor doubles and redoubles Impossible 2 spade call after 1NT forcing
Inverted minors [the 4 and 5 level raises] Invisible Cuebids, Splinters, and Doubles
Jacoby 2NT- Barry Rigal Jacoby 2NT- Bergen
Jacoby 2NT- Martel Jacoby 2NT- Swedish
Jacoby 2NT- variant KERNSY – Credit- Walter Kerns
Kamikaze or Mini NT NT Kantar cue bids
Kokish Game Tries Kokish Relays
Landy and Revised Landy Lebensohl
Lioniel Mathe Asking Bids
Maximal doubles McCabe Adjunct
Mexican 2D Michael’s cue bid to show a two-suiter
Mini-Roman 2C Mini-splinters
Minor Suit Swiss Minorwood
Murray 2D response Namyats 4C and 4D openings
Negative Free Bids Negative Slam Doubles
Negative doubles New Minor Forcing and the Weak 6-4
One NT forcing Opener’s reverse
Polish 2D Polish or Raptor 1NT overcall
Relays after a reverses Responsive doubles
Ripstra Roman 2D
Roman Jumps Roman Key Card Blackwood – (1430)
Romex Stayman Roth 4 Clubs
Rubensohl (Transfer Lebensohl) Scanian raises
Scrambling 2NT Seadog raises
Sharples Smolen transfers after a 2D response
Snap Dragon doubles (two definitions) Soloway jump shifts
South African Texas Transfers Spiral scanning after RKCB
Splinters Stayman forcing, nonforcing, puppet, etc
Strong, artificial, forcing 2C openings, responses, rebids Structured Reverses
Suction Redwood Suction
Super CONFI Support doubles
Swiss Raises TRASH overcalls
Texas Transfers Trial bids
Trump asking bid (Precision) Unusual vs Unusual (2NT)
Vasilevsky defense to 1H-1S – pass – 1NT Walsh Diamonds (1D over 1C)
Walsh Relays Weak NT (12-14)
Wiessberger over 2D response Woodson Two Way NT (10-12 OR 16-18)
Woolsey’s Defense to 1NT